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7 Hidden Tactics From the Fastest growing E-Commerce brands.

Global commerce sales worldwide have reached over $3.46 Trillion dollars a year. E-Commerce revenues are projected to
grow to $6.54 trillion US dollars by 2023. Direct-to-consumer is selling accelerating by collecting and using
customer data & offer personalized products.


What can I do today, to do better with my ecommerce business? What plans or strategies can I use to grow my ecommerce business.

Did you know even with just one optimizable step in the sales process, you see a large difference in revenue potential?.


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When you have multiple steps in your sales process that you can optimize… the potential for revenue growth gets to be astronomical.
Let’s see what’s possible when you optimize multiple steps in your sale funnel…

Let’s Do Some Math

Meaning 2 out of every 100 people who see your product pages
end up converting
Let’s say you are making: 600 visits a day x $45 per sales
$98,550 at 1% Conv rate (6 sales a day)
$246,375 at 2.5% Conv rate (15 sales a day)
That’s $147,825 additional revenue with ZERO additional costs! can you imagine that?

Meta Description

Create a Title & description for your homepage,
Optimal length
Optimal format (Natural, compelling, click worthy)

Multiple Product Shots

90% of information processed is visual.
Humans respond 60,000x times faster
to visual than text
Multiple HD product images
Zoom +/- (if possible)
Short Product Demo or GIF

Clearly Articulated Product Descriptions

What is it? How is it made?
Highlight the story or history behind the
Turn features into benefits
Logic + Emotion
Understand the product so well, and work hard and leave nothing out.

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